Advertising 2.Oh! Recap #1

March 20, 2008 at 2:41 am (advertsing, new media, PR, PRSA, PRSSA, public relations) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Today I attended an event hosted by the White Pines Chapter of PRSA. It was called Advertising 2.Oh! Blogging, Vlogging, and Slogging Your Way Through The New Media Jungle presented by Steve Lance. He made a lot of great points and I learned a lot, even though I felt much of it was targeted more so to people in advertising rather than public relations. Click here to find out more out this Emmy Award winning speaker. I managed to take three pages of notes, which I will break up into three different blog posts.

Advertising 2.Oh! Recap #1

Lance said that television is no longer the dominant form of entertainment. He proved this point by asking how many people spent more time on the internet than they did watching TV. The great majority of did.

Another great point Lance made was if you manage your content, you control your brand’s destiny. His example of this was how Walt Disney had a 2 hour premiere originally when Disneyland was opening. Eventually, Disney “swallowed” the network (and bought it).

Another example that is more current would be Home Depot. They offer workshops, such as how to put in your own bathroom floor. These workshops are taped and offered to networks. The networks like it because they don’t have to pay for it. Home Depot gets promoted so its a plus for them. From what I understood, Home Depot also offered advertising time to their product’s companies (for example, if they did a workshop on flooring, Pergo could advertise their floor products). They also have the information on the website in the form of five minute vignettes (in print only). From these, they build cross-promotional platforms. One example given by Lance was having links to the vignettes on magazine websites in which they advertise in, such as home and garden types.

Lance showed two models about advertising, content, and messages. In the “old” model, the content is separate from the advertising. Now, in the “new” model, the message is the content. This means “total consumer engagement.”

He also emphasized that the consumer is at the center (this was shown in another model, in which ‘consumer’ was in the center circled and at each quarter outside of the circle was ‘positioning,’ ‘execution,’ ‘brand,’ and ‘idea.’) The brand is no longer at the center as it was before, according to Lance.

Check back soon for Advertising 2.Oh! Recap #2


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