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Steve Yoder Explains How To Be A Good Wall Street Journal Source
I don’t think that I will be pitching to the Wall Street Journal anytime soon, but these five tips can be applied to pitching to any media.

10 Things No-one Ever Tells You About Working In PR
I actually came across this on Strive Notes. I found it entertaining, and partly true. Number eight is my favorite. My boyfriend, parents, and friends don’t understand (other than my friends that are in PR).

Behind The Spin
An online magazine for PR students and young practitioners. Definitely interesting and worth checking out.

The Power of PR: Finding Your Media Niche
Great advice on pitching stories to different media.

Less-Than-Flattering Quotations on Public Relations
Even though the post isn’t recent, I still found it entertaining.

Agency Tour Provides PRSSA Students with Motivation, Insight
The five bulleted tips offers great advice.

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Public Relations Students & Networking

April 3, 2008 at 4:12 am (college, new media, PR, PRSSA, public relations) (, , , , , , , )

I have recently joined PR Open Mic. It is a social networking website for public relations students and faculty. Professionals are also welcomed.

Networking has recently come up within my chapter of PRSSA. I had a meeting Tuesday night with the Professional Development Committee. One member brought up the point that we needed more networking. You never know who might end up knowing of a good job available or have resources you might need. Networking is a very important aspect of PR. Because of this, we have decided to put together a networking book, containing the contact information of our members. We will be selling them for $1 at our annual spring picnic.

I also suggested speed networking. It is actually something I thought of several months ago, but I wasn’t sure what other people would think of the idea. I did mention it at the meeting Tuesday night and the others seemed to like the idea. Basically, it would be like speed dating. You get to sit down and talk to someone you might not have ever had a conversation with. Maybe I’ll talk to someone who, like myself, wants to have their own public relations agency someday.

I hope that PR Open Mic becomes active with many new members. There are forums about many different subjects, gadgets to add to your page, groups (you can also form your own group, PR-related videos, and PR podcasts.

Networking is important in our industry. I might just be the person to tell you about your next job. You might be the person who will have tips to give me in a major PR crisis. You never know…

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