Busy with an internship

July 2, 2008 at 1:24 am (CMU Public Relations & Marketing)

My internship with CMU Public Relations and Marketing has been keeping me pretty busy during the day. By the time I get home, the last thing I feel like doing is staring at the computer and writing some more. I definitely need to post more often, so I am going to shoot for posting at least once a week – most likely on Friday since that is my only day off.

Two of my ad concepts for Centralight Magazine are in the process of being designed by Amy. I’ve been writing content for the Department of Journalism and their new Web page. I have been doing more work with CMU Welcomes You, putting in the articles, pull quotes and such. I also finally got a copy of the PBS guide containing an ad I wrote and saw a copy of Connections, a newsletter containing material I wrote about the new education building. Today I was assigned two more items for the Reference Point.

I would describe my internship as a whirlwind of learning. I am improving my writing skills and getting real experience. It is so exciting. I really like how I get feedback and suggestions from Dan on my work. He doesn’t take an article and just edit it. He tells me what could be better and lets me do it myself. I think that is really helping me learn more.

I interviewed Frank X. Blouin, Jr. for the Reference Point at the Friends of the Library luncheon last month. I am really proud of the article I wrote (which I believe is close to being finished with editing). There was an enormous amount of information to sort through. I had to remind myself that I was writing an story, not a report. I had used a voice recorder in the interview and during his presentation about the Vatican archives, so I was able to sort through the information to get the most vital pieces.

I’ve been keeping myself busy in the evenings building a new Web site for my portfolio. It is close to be completed so check back soon for a link.

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  1. Adam Denison said,

    I would describe my internship as a whirlwind of learning

    Then it sounds like your internship is truly what it’s supposed to be! There are few things worse than interning with a company who only has interns make coffee and copies. Sounds like you are doing some great work for CMU. Keep it up!

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