PR Central, PRSSA Elections, Battle At The ‘Bin

April 2, 2008 at 4:56 am (eboard, PR, PR Central, PRSSA, public relations) (, , , , , , , , )

Tonight (technically yesterday on April 1), I was elected for two executive board positions.

I am now the Treasurer for PR Central, CMU’s student-run public relations firm. I am also the Student Government Association Representative/Professional Liaison for PRSSA.

I am looking forward to being more involved with PR Central and PRSSA next year with these two positions.

The reason I am writing at nearly 1 a.m. is because I just got home from our PRSSA fundraiser, the Battle At The ‘Bin. I don’t know how well it went financially, but I enjoyed the last three performers the most. By the end, though, I don’t think people were donating money (the performer that gets the most money in their “bin” wins).

I’ll be posting more from conference soon. I’ve been very busy lately finishing up a marketing project and meeting two scholarship deadlines. Finally, with Battle At The ‘Bin over, I can relax a little.

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